The ESF president, Gabriel Waage, has been busy signing agreements and establishing new and continuous partnerships lately. A new partner, Bownet, was added to the list of softball supporters in Europe. Honigs and Enjoy It have been our stable partners and have confirmed an extension of their relationship with the ESF.

BOWNET – Training nets provider

Bownet is a distributor of portable goals, nets, and training systems. Through the agreement, Bownet was named the Official Training Net of ESF. A 5%-member discount will be set up and all ESF/ESCA clinics will be equipped by Bownet training systems.

The ESF is very glad to have established this partnership which may also be followed by further cooperation with various European countries.

„This agreement is especially exciting for us this year when we’re significantly moving forward with the European Softball Coaches Association and the four ESCA Camps are taking place in October of this year. Good quality training equipment is one of the must-haves to make the clinics a success, “said Gabriel Waage.

HONIGS EUROPE – Let the umpires rule

Honigs has been the exclusive provider of the ESF Umpires‘ gear for years, now two more years of cooperation have been confirmed.

Honigs Europe is the ESF’s partner for umpires and logistics and we’re very happy that our blues have their special partner.


Enjoy It continues in its role of the ESF’s sponsor. „This is a great partnership and I hope the relationship will continue as a beneficial for both parties, “ said Gabriel Waage.

-Helena Novotna-