The Danish National Team (world ranking 13) is playing the Czech Republic (world ranking 8) National team May 27th 2017 @ Hørsholm Stadium (Fastpitch Softball Challenge Tournament).

Going into the bottom of the seventh inning. The score is 8-11, Denmark is trailing by three runs and starts with the bottom of the line-up:

·        Batter 7 hits a single

·        Batter 8 hits a double, but the lead runner is holding on third.

·        Batter 9 hits a fly ball to shallow center field; the lead runner is held at third.

·        Batter 1 draws a walk, loading up the bases…

Valdemar Terkelsen is coming to the plate. So far, he is 4 for 4 in the game with a single, a single, a double and a triple.

The pitch - BOOM! Grand slam walk-off homerun completing his natural cycle.

But how often does this actually occur?

1)  In the history of MLB, only 14 players have hit a natural cycle. (hitting a single, double, triple, home run in order)

2)  A walk-off grand slam when trailing by three runs (also known as the ultimate grand slam) has only been documentet 28 times in MLB history: One of the was hit by the legendary Babe Ruth

4) These two very very rare feats have NEVER been done in the same game!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS VALDEMAR B TERKELSEN!  -- Truly an accomplishment to go down in Danish softball history.

-Danish Softball Federation press release-