For the first time in the history of European Slowpitch Championships, the title was taken by a non-British national team. Germany is the 2017 Coed Slowpitch European Champion!

The British went undefeated throughout the whole tournament, but the Germans invested a lot of time into scouting, which paid off in the final game. The British were unable to show their usual offensive performance and Germans showed probably the best batting of the whole tournament. The Germans won clearly 20-9.

Team Germany advanced to the final game from the third spot after the round robin games, when Ireland lost in the quarterfinal game. 

Slovenia placed second after the round robin, and had a chance to play in the final as well, but having suffered many injuries, Slovenia took bronze medals after a clear loss 19-38.

The fifth-place game was taken over by the Czechs, who finally showed some good hitting and won 19-4 against Bulgaria.

The final standings were:

1. Germany
2. Great Britain
3. Slovenia
4. Ireland
5. Czech Republic
6. Bulgaria

-Helena Novotna-