During the second day of the two Championships, all games of the first round robin were finished. Both Czech teams remain undefeated, Danish hold second positions in both categories.

The U-16 tournament has a clear leader, the Czech Republic has won all its games so far. The Czech boys not only show the best performance, but their opponents often decide to bench some of their best players, so their wins look way too easy for the Czechs (one of the scores was 40:2).

„We try to play our game, we concentrate on every single pitch so we can hit it hard. The opponents haven’t been letting their best players play against us, but we believe, that they will show their aces in the playoff games,“ said one of the Czech players, Jan Hlavac

The Danish hold the second position in this category.

Israeli U-16 team includes some quite young players, even though they managed to beat Croatia, therefore they keep the third position among the fourth teams.

The Czech Republic seems to be advanced in the men’s softball development, while all the three remaining teams match each other’s level’s quite well.

Second round robin – all the teams have to play each other twice – begins on Wednesday. Standings after the second phase will determine from which positions will the teams enter the page system.

Will some of the U-16 teams be able to challenge the Czechs?