During the second day of the two Championships, all games of the first round robin were finished. Both Czech teams remain undefeated, Danish hold second positions in both categories, the British remain without a win.

Standings after the first phase are:

1.Czech Republic
2. Denmark
3. Israel
4. Croatia
5. Great Britain

Great Britain has not managed to win a single game yet, Croatia recorded their only win over GB (23:0).

Denmark and Israel fought for the second place in the U-19 tournament in a tight game. Denmark took a 2:0 lead in the first inning when Elsner homered to the centerfield, and added one more run in the third when another Dane – Lorentzen drove the ball behind the homerun fence. Israel tied the game in the top of the fourth, but the Danish had two more strong innings – the fifth and the sixth and they won the game 7:4.

The Czech Republic is the only undefeated team in the tournament. The score 4:0 was on the scoreboard after their game against Denmark, all the other wins were very clear though.

The atmosphere at the Championship is very friendly and calm. Players shake hands and tap each other on the shoulder after a base is stolen, or after any possible contact on the field. Teams of the same nationalities watch each other’s games and cheer for each other.

The second phase has started on day three already, all the teams will now face each other for the second time, then the page systém – playoff – will begin.

-Helena Novotna-