This year, the ESF has decided to pay a special attention to the U-13 European Cup - European Massimo Romeo Youth Trophy. The ESF president, Gabriel Waage, himself attended the event to make sure that our youth gets the experience of a European Cup atmosphere.

13 teams came to Collecchio to be divided into two divisions - Sport division and Future division. 
Sport division was for those more experienced teams and the final standings were:

1. Italy 1 (ITA)
2. Princ Zagreb (CRO)
3. Joudrs Orange (CZE)
4. Italy 2 (ITA)
5. Moscow 1 (RUS)
6. Czech Stars (CZE)

Future division was open for the teams, who consisted of novices and younger players. For some of the teams in this division, this was the first attendance at an international tournament - Catalunya (ESP), Turkey, Merklin (CZE). The final standings were:

1. Catalunya (ESP)
2. SC Merklin (CZE)
3. Panthers Zagreb (CRO)
4. Joudrs Navy (CZE)
5. London Cubs (GBR)
6. Turkey (TUR)
7. Moscow 2 (RUS)

It was decided to establish the two divisions in this event, so the teams get to compete against players of the same level as they are. In the Future division, some extra rules were added - after four balls the batter hit from a toss thrown by a coach, only four runs were allowed in one inning.

All the teams were asked to give their feedback, and more special rules will probably come to play in the next years' editions.

"Last year was our first time on EMRYT and we loved it, but it had some problems in organizational meaning. This year it was much improved, there was more marketing than last year what resulted with more teams! Except that, more umpires where from ESF so there was no problem with communication, they knew what were they doing. ESF tried new rules, which some were ok, and few they will improve next time. The tournament was great, colorful, a lot of teams, lot of games, good organization, we would recommend it to everybody!" said Petra Cizmic Pokrajac, the head coach of team Princ.

Antonin Chaloupka from the Czech team Joudrs was very happy with the opening ceremony, which took place at the main square in Collecchio. "It was an amazing experience for the girls! The organization was better than last time, we really enjoyed it. The TC meeting was very informative and well prepared, so there were no further problems during the tournament itself. I just wish the Italians would serve larger portions of coffee :)" said Antonin.

-Helena Novotna-
/photos by Giacomo Canali/