Softball camp for both players and coaches will take place in the Netherlands in October, it will be the debut event organized by the European Softball Coaches Association.

The ESCA Camp will provide both players and coaches an opportunity to increase their Softball skills and knowledge during a combination of four-day/three-night instructional (classroom/training/competition) activities.The ESCA Camp is coordinated by Craig Montvidas, former Dutch National Team head coach and an NPF head coach.

Four camps will be held in Diessen, the Netherlands during the fall holidays. Camp # 1 Sunday, October 15th - Wednesday, October 18th
Camp # 2 Thursday, October 19th - Sunday, October 22nd
Camp # 3 Sunday, October 22nd - Wednesday, October 25th
Camp # 4 Thursday, October 26th - Sunday, October 29th

Camp provisions: Those attending the Camp will be provided a twin room including three complete meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner) during their stay. Besides top level Softball instruction, each player will receive a "self-improvement" Softball analysis, a camp participation diploma and a complimentary "swag bag" featuring donated gifts from the sponsoring participants. Players and coaches will be responsible for their own transportation regarding arrival in the Netherlands. The Camp organization will make every effort to assist in transportation for players and coaches arriving at airports or train stations once they have reached the Netherlands. During the Camp blocks, transportation to and from the training facilities and lodging facilities will be provided by the FFISS organization at no extra cost! All participants (both players and coaches) will be responsible for their own insurance coverage. During each camp block, a Physiotherapist will be available to handle any injuries, bumps and or bruises. 

Lessons, sessions, instructors: The ESCA Camp staff is working on ensuring that the Camp is lead by the most qualified and special lecturers. Some of the top European coaches will be there as well as coaches from the US. Special sessions will be held such as - how to help players get a scholarship in college, how to choose the right bat or glove, etc. These details will be announced later on. 

Camp fees (players): An instructional block consisting of four days and three nights will cost each camper a standard fee of 360 euro. Participation in the ESCA Camp is for female softball players ages 13-20.
Camp fees (coaches): Coaches wishing to attend the camp will have the opportunity to "shadow coach" during the course of a camp block. They will be included in all of the training activities serving as assistants to the lead instructors. The coaches will also participate in a specific coaching workshop to help further their softball knowledge. Coaches participating in this form will pay a fee of 260 euro.
Camp fees (groups): If a coach registers together with five of his/her players, a discount will apply on to their fees as follows: Coach – 230 euro, players – 330 euro Camp fee covers three meals a day, accommodation for three nights, and clinic services.

Registration: Coaches and players must register through the registration form on the  ESF website.
After submitting the registration form, coaches/players will be contacted by the organizational staff directly. 

-Helena Novotna- 
questions at hnovotna(at)