Women’s European Premiere Cup took place in Haarlem, the Netherlands, at a home field of the reigning champion – Sparks Haarlem. 

As usual, most of the teams brought some pickup players, or they at least invited some stars from Europe to help their teams to a stronger performance. The fans could see Greta Cecchetti in the uniform of the Czech Joudrs, or Britt Vonk in the Bussolengo’s colors once again.

Second semifinal game: Joudrs vs Terrasvogles

The two teams had met in the tournament before the semifinal game took place and the score was 3-0 for the Dutch squad. Joudrs were ready to take the win this time, however, their opponents started to ruin their plans from the very beginning.   The white team scored in each one of the first three innings. Caused by hits or errors, the score was 4-0 when Joudrs started their third offense.

Four hits by the Czech team (Julie Coufalova 2 for 3) were not enough to score more than four runs.  Terrasvogles hit seven times (Katharina Szalay and Victoria McFarland both 2 for 3) and deserved the advancement to the final.

Joudrs Praha took third place and bronze medals. 

Final game: Bussolengo vs Terrasvogles 

Bussolengo won the Premiere cup two years ago and they kept showing the strongest performances of the tournament. Terrasvogles had a great game against Joudrs and their line up had a reason to be quite self-confident.

The final turned out to be the Bussolengo’s game. It was clear after the second inning already.  Kelsey Jane Nunley pitched a perfect game for Bussolengo and the offense of her team produced an outstanding number of ten hits in this five-inning game. Terrasvogles’s pitchers couldn’t find a way how to stop the Italian bats, nothing could stop the green squad.

Bussolengo won the final 8-0 and the game finished prematurely after the fifth inning. 

Terrasvogles took silver medals and the undefeated Bussolengo seized the Club Champion title of 2017, again, after their triumph in 2015.

The final standings are:

1.Bussolengo (ITA)
2.Terrasvogles (NED)
3.Joudrs Praha (CZE)
4.Sparks Haarlem (NED)
5.Mannheim Tornadoes (GER)
6.Brasschaat Braves (BEL)
7.Therwil Flyers (SUI)
8. Les Comanches (FRA)
9.Leksand (SWE)

Team Carrousel won the Women's qualification Cup, so national champion from Russia will have a chance to compete at the next year's edition of this tournament, while a Swedish team will have to move to the qualification round.

-Helena Novotna-