Women's European Cup, which serves as a qualification for the Women's Premiere Cup, was held in Montegranaro, Italy.

Five European teams were joined by a team from Botswana - the Titans, who showed some nice softball, and they are more than welcome to join our teams again next time.

In the final game, Carrousel beat Atletico San Sebastian 9-4. After the last year, when there was no Russian team in the Premiere Cup, a spot for a Russian national champion is now open in the next year's Premiere Cup. 
Slovakian team Apollo recorded a historical success by placing third. The Spanish team took silver.

Final Standings:

1. Carrousel (RUS)
2. Atletico San Sebastian (ESP)
3. Apollo Bratislava (SVK)
4. Monegranaro (ITA)
5. Princ Zagreb (CRO)
6. Titans (BOT)

-Helena Novotna-