Men’s Super Cup is the largest men’s fastpitch tournament in Europe. This year, 20 teams arrived to Amersfoort, the Netherlands to fight for the title of “European Club Champion 2017”.

The tournament is known for its special format. In the first phase, all the teams play their round robin games. For the second phase, the teams are divided into two groups (12 and 8 teams) depending on the results of the round robin games. The top twelve teams play for the Super Cup, the remaining teams compete to win the ESF Cup.

The most exciting thing about the Super Cup is the number of world’s top-level players, who come to Europe to play for various teams.

Nikki Jasper Hayes premiered in the New Zealand’s National Team at a World Championship in 2013.  With an ERA of 2.67 he seized his second gold medal at the Worlds this year. Together with his teammate – catcher Zane Antoni Van Lieshout, Nikki is helping Hippos Havlikuv Brod to seize the European trophy.

Penese Iosefo became a World Champion in 2013, he is another representative of the Black Sox family at the 2017 Super Cup.  He is a pickup player for the Brasschaat Braves together with an Argentinian infielder Condrado Zanuttini.

Jerome Haretuku was Iosefo’s teammate in 2013. This outfielder can be seen in a uniform of Danish Stenlose Bulls.

Dion Nukunuku, a brother of a well-known Danish coach Israel Nukunuku, spent his best softball years winning three World Championship titles in 1996, 2000, and 2004. He came to Amersfoort with his brother’s team Amager Vikings to show that these things you just don’t forget.
Vikings have also brought a young pitcher from New Zealand Liam Twigden.

Samuel Villalvazo pitched for the Mexican National Team at the 2015 Worlds, he pitches for Hoofddorp Pioniers at the Super Cup.

More non-European players:
Laurie Peters – Australia – pitcher (Barracudas)
Guido Silbert – Argentina – pitcher (Barracudas)
Stuart Reynolds – New Zealand (Žraloci)

This outstanding lineup supports the best men’s fastpitch players in Europe in their way to the European title. Clearly, this year’s Super Cup is once again a top-quality tournament.

There is one special guest to the 2017 Super Cup – Argentinian Junior National Team. After the junior Black Sox, Super Cup opened its door to another non-European team.

Last year’s winner – Pro Roma – has not made it to the Super Cup this year. Another team – Hippos Havlickuv Brod seem to be interested in taking Pro Roma’s spot, Brasschaat Braves will definitely want to step it up and grab the gold after two silver years, too. And what about the Danish, Dutch, and the other Czechs?

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-Helena Novotna-