The game of softball develops, rules change, habits and emotions get into play. 

The time has come to refreshen our minds of who is a member of the ESF umpiring family. Time to unify the "blue view" of the game, time to bring the new rules to detailed understanding, time for discussions about game management and trends.

"Each ESF umpire is our link to all the other umpires in each respective country. Through the participants of the Blue Convention, we hope to reach to all softball umpires in Europe to unify the general umpiring style and rules interpretation," said the ESF President, Gabriel Waage.


Beginning: March 9, 2018, first session starts at 6 pm

End: March 11, 2018, last session ends at 12 pm


Prague, the Czech Republic

Hotel Galaxie:


All the ESF-licensed Umpires are invited

Bob Stanton, the WBSC SD Director of Umpires is invited as a special guest

ESF UICs, ESF Technical Director


Gala dinner is will take place on Saturday night. As a part of the pleasant and friendly night, Blue Awards will be presented.


Registration fee per un umpire - 20 EUR

Blue Awards Gala Dinner Voucher - 40 EUR

Accommodation and meals - covered by the ESF 

Umpires take care of (and cover) their own transportation

For now, save the date, dust off your ceremonial uniform, and check back for more detailed instructions on how to register, and more.


ESF Umpires shall register through an online registration form .