The latest date to send national and club teams' Entry Forms for the European championships and cups is DECEMBER 31st.


Only National Teams may enter championships. In 2018, four European Championships will be held: 

Men's (Fastpitch) European Championship in Havlíčkův Brod, the Czech Republic (June 25 - 30)
In 2016, a record number of eleven national teams took part in the tournament. In 2018, we are hoping to break this record once again. 

Men's Slowpitch European Championship in Choceň, the Czech Republic (June 12 - 16)
After eleven editions of Coed Slowpitch Championships, a men's slowpitch championship will be organized for the first time in the history of European Softball. 

U-19 Women's European Championship in Staranzao, Italy (June 16 - 21)
In 2016, Great Britain seized their first fastpitch title ever in this tournament. It was the closest possible game and it was Italy - the host of the 2018 edition, who took the second spot in the end. (age limit details - see below) 

U-22 Women's European Championship in Trnava, Slovakia (July 23 - 28) 
It is very exciting to see Slovakia taking the responsibility for hosting an event whose edition in 2016 may forever be remembered as one of the most emotional moments of Slovakian (and also European) softball. (age limit details - see below) 

To register your National Team for a championship, download the  Championships Entry Form, fill it in following the instructions in the document, and send it to both: and Deadline for championships entries is December 31st!


Clubs from all affiliated countries may enter European cup competitions under specific "qualification" conditions. In 2018, six European Cups will be held: 

Women's European Premiere Cup in Forli, Italy (August 20 - 25)
National Champions - Club teams of the top (qualified) European countries shall compete in this tournament. The qualified countries are: ITA, NED, CZE, GER, BEL, SUI, FRA,  SWE, RUS. In addition, the defending champion - Bussolengo (ITA) may enter the competition. Each country may be represented by one team only (with the exception of the defending champion). 

Women's European Cup - La Loggia, Italy (August 20 - 25)
National Champions - Club teams of the non-qualified European countries shall compete in this tournament. Non-European teams may be allowed into this competition upon approval of the ESF Executive Council. One spot is reserved for the host of the event. Each country may be represented by one team only (with the exception of the host). 

Women's European Cup Winners Cup - Capelle a.d. IJsell, the Netherlands (August 20 - 25)
National Cup winners shall compete in this tournament. If there is no cup competition in a country, another key for eligibility on the national level may apply. In any case, the team's application form must be confirmed by the respective National Federation. Each country may be represented by one team only (with the exception of the host, and the winner form the last edition). 

Men's European Super Cup in Prague, the Czech Republic (September 3 - 8)
National Champions and National Cup winners shall meet at the Super Cup. Two teams from each country have their spots at the Super Cup guaranteed. In addition, medalists from the latest Men's European Championship may enter one extra team, also the winner of the U-19 Men's European Championship may enter an extra team. Non-European teams may be allowed into this competition upon approval of the ESF Executive Council. The organizing club may enter their team as well. Winners of the latest Super Cup and ESF Cup are automatically qualified as well. Complete specific regulations and description of the teams' eligibility available here. 

Coed Slowpitch European Super Cup in Riccione, Italy (July 31 - August 4) 
The best two teams from each country's National Championship in Slowpitch have their spots guaranteed at this event. If there's no slowpitch championship in a country, any two teams may enter the competition as long as their National Federation confirms their entry form (the qualification on the national level is determined by the national federation itself). Specific regulation for slowpitch competitions available here. 

ENTRIES DEADLINE to all the cup competitions above is December 31st.
To sign up for a cup competition, download the  Cup Entry Form, follow the instructions in the document to fill it in, have your federation put a stamp and a signature on it, and send it to both: and  

European Massimo Romeo Youth Trophy in Collecchio, Italy (August 15 - 18)
U-13 European Cup for girls' or mixed teams is open to an unlimited number of teams from each country. The teams may be national or other selections, club teams, or any other teams fulfilling the age limits. There are no requirements regarding player licenses - no licenses needed, the TCs only check the players' age before the start of the tournament. Boys are allowed in the teams under certain circumstances. Specific rules and regulations for EMRYT will be updated and published soon. (age limit details - see below)
To sign up for EMRYT, fill in the specific  EMRYT Entry Form, follow the instructions in the document to fill it in and have it confirmed by your National Federation. Entry forms must be sent to both: and no later than on April 15th


See the complete document here

For more details regarding teams and players eligibility, visit the documents section.
2018 - 2020 ESF events calendar.  

-Helena Novotna-