The game of softball develops, rules change, habits and emotions get into play.  The time has come to refreshen our minds of who is a member of the ESF umpiring family. Time to unify the "blue view" of the game, time to bring the new rules to detailed understanding, time for discussions about game management and trends.

Bob Stanton, the WBSC Softball Umpire Director is coming to Prague to lead some of the scheduled sessions. 

Coach's view of the game focusing on umpires is on the schedule, as well as a hockey umpire experience session - Jan Hribik - a hockey umpire, who has recently returned from the Olympics, will talk about this topic.

Geneviève Gaudreau from Canada is coming to talk about the structure and umpiring system in Canada. 

On Saturday night, Blue Awards - a special recognition for some of the best European umpires - will be announced. 

"Each ESF umpire is our link to all the other umpires in each respective country. Through the participants of the Blue Convention, we hope to reach to all softball umpires in Europe to unify the general umpiring style and rules interpretation," said the ESF President, Gabriel Waage. 

Dates: March 10 - 11, 2018

Location: Prague, the Czech Republic, Hotel Galaxie: