This year again, Peace and Sport movement calls on all sports-related people to take part in the celebrations of April 6 - the Day of Peace and Sport.

Have you ever traveled with softball? How many friends have you made abroad thanks to softball? Or let’s go even further – how many of all of your friends are softball-related? Do you know your best friend from softball? Everyone from the European Softball family knows, that softball is a sport of friendship in first place. So there’s nothing easier than just realizing these things and taking part in the Peace and Sport movement.

Peace and Sport encourages all of us to celebrate, there are various ways of how to do so:

1. Organize an event:
You can either choose an existing event in your calendar or create a new one, between now and April 10, and name it accordingly (i.e. “Friendship Cup”, “Peace through Sport Trophy”, “Make a friend cup”, “Team Spirit Cup” etc). The event can involve both children and adults and shall include a moment in which the role of sport as a tool for peace is considered. You will find some more guidelines and examples of events organized by other sport actors around the world on the April 6 platform (

2. Take a #whitecard picture and share it:
You can support the “Peace through Sport” movement by taking a picture while holding a white card and by posting it on your social media and website. A picture with a white card represents a symbolic action, in reference to the red card, which signifies the most serious offense that a sports player can commit. The color white symbolizes instead purity and peace and is therefore used to represent positivity and constructiveness in sport. On the April 6 platform ( you will be able to find guidelines on the correct hashtags to use on social media and a gallery with all the #whitecard pictures taken during the previous editions of International Day for Sport and Development and Peace.

3. Tell your friends:
Tell your friends and invite them to join the movement too. Get involved with your team or the whole club.

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