Pardubice – Softball is a sport based on friendship, travelling and fair play. The International tournament Sláva Hosana proves that as its 6th year is just to be held on 21st–22nd of April in Pardubice. “Teams don’t come here just for the games. They come for unique friendly atmosphere, evening grill party and experience. However, these are some of Europe’s top teams,” Tomáš Rambousek says, head of the organizing team.

Professional performance on the field and lots of laughter off it. That’s how it goes around the ballpark of Waynes Pardubice club every year. It also helps, that slow pitch version of the tournament presents mixed teams. Each team puts 5 men and 5 women in to play their best game.

When they don’t play, the players can enjoy grilled legs, a true attraction for foreign participants. And all of them attend a big party after Saturday games. “They wouldn’t come just for softball. They all look forward to the social part as well,” Rambousek says. “We compete on the field but as we shake hands, we’re all one big gang again. Softball unites.”

Dad, mom, can you hit a home run?

Softball players play on top level alongside their jobs, studies or families. You can find some married couples in the teams as well as ‘parent-son or daughter’ pairs. The family atmosphere is in the air not only in teams but around the whole tournament.

Waynes Pardubice challenges fathers with kids to come to Svítkov ballpark. Besides watching the game and enjoy good food, they can try if they would be able to hit a home run themselves. For kids, there will be a softball bouncy castle and lots of balloons. The spectators can take a special historical bus to get to Svítkov, both the entrance and the bus will be for free.

“We would like to invite everybody with a bit of love for sport. Slowpitch offers a lot of action. Anybody who manages to get their first hit won’t stop there. We believe that all of you who will arrive are going to enjoy the day and will come back again,” Rambousek invites all sport-loving people.

Champions of Europe against Czech Champions

Six years in running, the club from Pardubice got close to their idea to build the most prestigious slowpitch tournament in Europe. This year’s participants of Sláva Hosana tournament are top notch.

UCE Travellers are going to come, team whose players in German jerseys managed to snap the European title from the Brits. From slowpitch-loving UK, there will be 5 teams coming including last year’s winner – Misfits. Home of home runs – the Netherlands send two teams. The Czechs will be represented by the host team packed with current or former internationals in lineup including Jakub Procházka or Linda Rambousková, two best Czech batters. Waynes Pardubice are current Czech title holders. There will be also three other Czech teams, one of them being filled with young softball talents – Mlátičky from Kostelec nad Orlicí.

The tournament will be live-streamed at the Facebook page of the tournament.

-Helena Novotna-