Balkan Games are one of the oldest international sports event in Europe (since 1929). Since 1995 the Balkan Baseball and Softball Federations organize regional tournaments in baseball and softball and since 2009 also in coed slowpitch. 

This year's event is the second edition of Balkan Baseball, Softball and Coed Slowpitch Championship (Triple Ball Balkan Championship). The Championship takes place in Sofia, Bulgaria April 26 - 29, 2018 with the support of World Baseball Softball Confederation.

20 games on two fields will be played in the three competitions (seven baseball games, seven softball games and six coesd slowpitch games).

Bulgarian baseball and softball clelebrates 30 years!

The first Baseball and Softball Club in Bulgaria – “Sofia Academiks” was established in March, back in1988. In late April, the club has received a status of National Federation in order to promote and develop the sport. Later in the year, “Sofia Athletics”, “Junak”, “Runners” and “Pernik Titans” were formed and a real Federation was established. The first president was Mr. Mario Primdjanov, later a CEB EC member. In its best year, the Federation had 24 clubs from 12 cities.

The anniversary will be celebrated with a big cocktail party on April 27 with the presence of Presidents Fraccari (WBSC), Waage (WBSC Europe, ESF), Liaromatis (Greece), Mirescu (Romania), and Jurich (Serbia) as well as many of the founders of the sport in Bulgaria, Olympic Champions, etc.

The ESF Executive board will have its regular spring meeting during the event as well.

-Bulgarian Federation-