Softball in Europe is very variable with so many nationalities, cultures, and customs creating all together one big softball family. A special request from the French d'Hauteville family seems to be another way to let our sport grow in a different way. They are looking for an Au-pair and highly experienced female softball player who can play for the local division one softball team, the Rabbits. Division one is equivalent to an American High School League. During the regular season from March to June, they play about 20 games and the goal is to reach the semi-finals in September. For details and contacts about the family see the following PDF file.

Just like the European Voluntary Service the Croatian club Princ Zagreb had earlier in 2017, these are great examples of projects that give young people the opportunity to experience softball abroad. Softball club Princ was searching for two volunteers that would like to play in a team, and work in a club in Zagreb for one year, with all expenses paid thanks to EU funding.

Those are unique opportunities to not only experience softball abroad, but also learn and gain experience in other various areas. It is a learning service, therefore the people not only benefit the local communities but can develop new skills and improve their personal, education and professional development.

- Helena Novotná, Romy Marinus -