The KBBSF softball department announced its selection of the National U19 Women's Fastpitch Team.

The young team led by team manager Cindy Voorhoof will participate in the U19 Women’s European Championship in Staranzano (Italy) during the week from July 16th to July 21st, 2018. Belgium traditionally plays strongly with the U19 Team. In 2014, a sixth place was achieved and in 2016 the fifth place. With this enthusiastic group of women and coaching staff we’ll focus on continuing this progression through the ranks.   

The team plays the first round in a group with the Czech Republic (3rd in 2016), Serbia (11th in 2016), Bulgaria (new) and Malta (new).     

For Belgium, the U19 selection is as follows:
Amber Hendriks  / Sunville Tigers (B)
Céline Janssens / Roef ! Moergestel (NL) – Hoboken Pioneers (B)
Chloë De Baere / Koninklijke Deurne Spartans (B)
Dinah De Roy / Koninklijke Deurne Spartans (B)
Femke Devree / UVV Utrecht (NL) – Royal Greys Merksem (B)
Freyke Vanhees / Royal Greys Merksem (B)
Idjy Bentein / Brussels Kangaroos (B)
Kim Streux / Monona Grove (USA)
Lara Francken / Sunville Tigers (B)
Lynn Vandenbrande / Vlaamse Academy (B)
Maya Belhaloumi / Brussels Kangaroos (B)
Nina Janssen / Hoboken Pioneers (B)
Nina De Permentier / Quick Amersfoort (NL) – Royal Greys Merksem (B)
Rhune Vanhees / Royal Greys Merksem (B)
Tina Van Nuffel / Chicaboos Stabroek (B)

For more info about the U19 Women's European Championship, look at the following link.

- Martin Langezaal -