The Euroleague, an international league played between ten teams from six countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia and Slovakia), has successfully finished its third tournament. In those three tournaments a total of 36 games have been played. 

The last one was played in Zagreb (Croatia) on the second and third of June, 2018. Two teams won all of the games: Apollo from Slovakia and Alligators from Serbia. The Alligators gave up only one run in the three games they played. Apollo gave up only two runs, in three games. In this year's Euroleague, nobody is really dominant. Everybody can beat everybody. After three tournaments, three teams have seven wins and two losses: Apollo Bratislava, Panthers Trnava and Snails Kunovice. Apollo is first because of the wins in the head to head games against Trnava Panthers. Everything is still open!

In the next two months we will be preparing for the last two tournaments: one in Bulgaria in September and the final one in Slovakia in October!

- Iva Mužinić -