Round robin is over. The best three teams from both groups will fight for the tournament’s top 4, the bottom six will play the placement round.

The six advancing teams are: Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Great Britain, Israel, and the Netherlands.

Placement pool, which is going to be played in Kostelec nad Orlicí, consists of these teams: Croatia, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Sweden.

The strongest duo of the tournament so far – Denmark and the Czech Republic - will face each other tomorrow at 20:30 at Hippos arena in Havlíčkův Brod.

Wednesday´s highlights

Germany and Italy played the first and also the tightest game of the day. Germany captured their second win of the tournament (final score 5:4).

A long-awaited game – Denmark vs the Netherlands brought a shocking result of 15:0 for Denmark. Danish pitcher Kim Hansen deleted the Dutch offense – the only hit on the Dutch side was performed by Anthony Beaumont.

Belgium finally awoke their shape from two years ago. Great Britain had to try really hard in their mutual fight for the second place in the group to get the close win 5:4.

A similarly complicated situation was repeated in a duel of Croatia vs Netherlands (final score 9:8 for the Netherlands).

An unbelievably long game took place played in Kostelec. Slovakia and Sweden took exhausting four hours and four minutes.

The Czechs hit 6 homeruns in their game against Lithuania. David Mertl hit a homerun-hattrick against Germany.

Both Italian and German hopes were blown away by Belgian win over Italy 5:3. Wout Cnops, recently injured Belgian pitcher, who lead his team to the bronze medals two years ago, decided to give it a try in the pitching circle and helped his team to this win.

Despite the fact that Lithuanian National Team has not been too successful so far, some of its players excel – Pijus Jakimavicius has an OBP (on-base percentage)of  .800.

Having advanced to the top six the Israeli didn´t have to worry about their two 10:0 losses against the Netherlands and Denmark.