On September 2nd, the newly established Team Europe will face the World Champion – New Zealand’s Black Sox in an exhibition game. The event will take place in Havlíčkův Brod, the Czech Republic, the following day after the Intercontinental Cup finals, and one day prior to the Men’s European Super Cup opening day.

At the Men’s European Championship, last week, the coaching staff for Team Europe was announced:

Tomáš Kusý (CZE)
Ben Ten Pas (NED)
Kevin Stockford (GBR)
Jesper Panduro (DEN)
assisting coach: Jaroslav Korčák (CZE)

The first choice for the team’s head coach was one of the icons of men’s softball in Europe – Jens Terkelsen, however, his unavailability gave chance to another group of well-experienced softball coaches. The four leading countries have their representatives in the staff, Jaroslav Korčák was offered his position as a representative of the younger rising generation.

Four out of the five coaches met during the Men’s European Championship in Havlíčkův Brod to put together a preliminary roster and to set up rules and basic principles of the new squad.

All countries that participated in the Men’s Europeans in 2016 will have their representatives on Team Europe. In addition, France and Spain offered a spot on the team as well, as their clubs participate in the Men’s Super Cup regularly.

“This is one of the stones of promotion of men’s fastpitch in Europe before the World Cup takes place in Europe for the first time in history next year. It also shows the development of men’s fastpitch in our continent. At this moment, we have twelve teams participating in this year’s Europeans, and I believe that we can get to 18 or 20 teams quite easily. Team Europe should be a great tool for promotion of men’s fastpitch for every single country that has its player on the team,” said Gabriel Waage, president of the European Softball Federation.

Team Europe's roster will be announced by the end of July.

from the left: Tomáš Kusý, Jaroslav Korčák, Ben Ten Pas, Kevin Stockford

-Helena Novotna-
/photo by Grega Valancic/