From the top 8 teams, the top 6 advanced to pool “X”, results from pools “E” and “F” are being taken with the teams to the top 6 group. The teams now have to complete the games of the top 6 to determine who will play the final and the bronze medal game on Saturday.

Not much is clear at this moment. All of the six teams still have two games scheduled for today and anything can happen. As of now, Italy is the only team with three wins; the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Ireland are tied with two wins;  Great Britain and Germany have only recorded three losses so far.

Belgium and France didn’t get any wins among the top eight teams, therefore they will play for the 7th place at 16:30 in Ronchi.

Top four teams of the lower bracket are scheduled for the typical page system. Russia and Spain will play for the direct advance to the 9th place game. Ukraine and Denmark are the other two teams who will have a chance to play in the backdoor final.

Poland and Croatia will match up at 9:30 in Ronchi to compete for the 13th place.

The bottom three teams of the lower bracket (Israel, Serbia, and Bulgaria) will play each other in their group „I“ to determine their final standings (15th – 17th) in the tournament.

Live-streaming (that finally works fine) schedule:

9:30 – 13th place game: Croatia vs Poland

11:45 – group X: Germany vs Italy

14:00 – group X: Ireland vs Great Britain

16:15 – 7th place game: France vs Belgium

18:30 – group X: Great Britain vs Germany

20:45 – group X: Italy vs Netherlands

-Helena Novotna-
/cover photo by Andrea Andrian/