The first three days of the European Cups have been played on the fields in Forli (ITA), Capelle a.d. IJssel (NED) and La Loggia (ITA).

Women’s European Premiere Cup
At the Women's Premiere Cup, all the teams play each other in the round robin. A total number of nine teams makes this eight games per team, plus the page-system for the most successful four teams. At this moment, the top four consists of Bussolengo (ITA), Forli  (ITA), Olympia Haarlem (NED) and Zraloci Ledenice (CZE). Bussolengo is the only team who remains undefeated with six games played. On Friday, all top four teams have a chance to advance to the grand final on Saturday at 16:00.

Women’s European Cup Winners Cup
The participating twelve teams were divided into two groups for the round-robin games. After every team played five games, the top six is now known. In pool ‘’A’’ Sparks Haarlem (NED), Joudrs Praha (CZE) and Wesseling Vermins (GER) proved their strength and advance to the next, top six, round. In pool ‘’B’’ Bollate Tecnovap Innovi (ITA), Atletico San Sebastian (ESP) and Royal Greys (BEL) are the three teams who advance to the top six as well. With Titans (BOT) not showing up in time, the teams in pool ''B'' each had a small advantage of a forfeit win. Until now, Sparks Haarlem and Bollate Tecnovap Innovi are the only ones who remain undefeated. Together with the other four teams, they will each play another three games in pool ‘’C’’. The other six remaining teams will compete in pool ‘’D’’ for the places 7-12.

Women's European Cup
Being divided into pool ''A'' and pool ''B'', the nine participating teams of the European Cup in La Loggia have now played their round-robin games which determined the top six of this edition. With zero losses recorded so far, Princ Zagreb (CRO) and ISA (NZL) are sure of their top six spot. The other four teams who will fill the top six are Trnava Panthers (SVK), Witches Linz (AUT) (both one loss recorded), Amager Vikings (DEN) and The Mix (GBR) (with both 2 losses recorded). 

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Women's European Premiere Cup
Women's European Cup Winners Cup
Women's European Cup

- Romy Marinus -
/cover photo by Cristiano Gatti/