USA gets first win of the tournament
During the first game of the second day, Argentina started to show off their offensive power from the very first inning. Third batter, Bruno Motroni had a fast, line drive, out of the park home-run which made the score 0:1. However, in the second inning, the Americans came back and so Nicolas Mullins’ RBI double made the score 1:1. The third inning started off with another home-run for Argentina by Juan Zara. In addition to that, some errors in the USA field brought the score to 4:1. To make up with the errors, Tyler Dudley sent a ball far over the fence in the bottom third to bring the score to 4:3 with his 2 RBI homerun. From then on, it seemed to stay pretty quiet. After both sides substituted their pitcher, no one succeeded in scoring runs up until the bottom 7th inning. With second base loaded for USA, left-fielder Jonathan Lynch hit it out of the park and walked it off by making the score 4:5. USA wins 4:5.

The Czech Republic wins the European battle
The second game of the day was being played between Europe’s two favorites: Denmark and the Czech Republic. Both teams decided to put their best pitchers on the plate; Michal Holobradek for Czech and Kim Hansen for Denmark. Up until the fifth inning, the score stayed 0:0. Both teams had a hard time with producing hits. However, in the top fifth inning it looked like Nicolai Elsner was going to hit it over the fence but unfortunately for him, right-fielder Patrik Kolkus made a great catch at the fence and robbed his home-run. This however seemed to be a great motivation for the Danish. With Valdemar Terkelsen on first base, Martin Simonsen hit it out of the park and brought the score to 2:0 with his 2 RBI homerun in the same inning. In the top 7th inning, things took another turn. With first and second base loaded, Vaclav Svoboda hit a 3 RBI out of the park homerun which brought the score to 2:3. The Czech Republic wins this game with 2:3.

Argentina beats the World Champion
With a run in the first inning of the game, Argentina had an energetical start against the World Champion, New Zealand. However, Ben Enoka his two run home-run brought New Zealand to the lead with 1:2. Because of a bunt, a double and a throwing error, they expanded it to 1:3. The Argentinians on their turn fought back. Bruno Motroni´s 2 RBI double, a misthrow by pitcher Campbell Gibson and a good hit by Juan Malarczuk made sure that Argentina took the lead again with 5:3. Until the last inning, the New-Zealand men didn´t succeed in scoring another run. Argentina wins 5:3.

Japan steals a win from the Czechs
The Czech's their second game of today couldn't start any better. A three run homerun by Patrik Kopečný and a two run homerun by Patrik Kolkus brought them to a 0:5 lead in the very first inning. A good hit by Tsukasa Oishi and an error on the Czech side, allowed the Japanese to score two runs, which made an interesting 5:2 in the first inning. After some hits and runs on the Japanese side, Kanta Nishida's hit into the right field brought the game to a tie; 5:5. With an inside the park homerun by Kaito Masaki (5th inning) and an outside the park homerun by Yusuke Morita (5th inning) and  Hiroto Ikeda (6th inning), Japan came back and took the lead with 5:8. The Czechs were not able to score any runs in the seventh inning. Japan won the game 5:8.

- Romy Marinus -
/Picture by Grega Valancic/