And the Men’s European Super Cup round-robin games are over! 18 teams compete in Prague, the Czech Republic for the title of the best European club.

In the first phase, the teams played each other in their six-member pools with a goal to place among the top three teams in their group. The best three teams from each pool advance to the Super Cup bracket to fight for the title of the best club in Europe, and to win the Super Cup. The remaining teams meet in the ESF bracket to play for the ESF Cup. There is a double-elimination system, in the second phase which begins today. The teams keep advancing unless they lose twice and get eliminated.

Group C

Only two undefeated teams remain in the tournament. They are both Czech: Spectrum Praha and Hippos Havlickuv Brod. In pool C, the top three, with Hippos having won all the games, is completed by Von Holmbäck Hurricanes (DEN), and Borgerhout Squirrels (BEL) who fought (and won 2-1) for their place in the top three in a nine-inning game against Hoofddorp Pioniers (NED).

Teams to play in the ESF Cup bracket are: Hoofddorp Pioniers, MRKI Medvedi (CRO),  and Cavigal Nice (FRA).

Group B

Spectrum Praha placed first with no losses. Stenløse Bulls took the second spot. They played a close game with Barracudas Montpellier (FRA); they were losing 1 – 3 in the 7th but won the game when they hit three homeruns (Reilly Makea, Jackson Watt, Anders Jorgensen) in that last inning.  

There was a three-way tie among teams running for the third place to advance to the Super Cup bracket from. It was Tempo Praha who allowed the least runs (4), and we will see them compete among the top nine teams. The other two teams who recorded two wins, just like Tempo did, were the unlucky Barracudas Montpellier, and Gladsaxe (DEN). Bears from Belgium placed 6th and will also continue in the ESF Cup bracket.

Group A

There are three teams with four wins and a one loss who will go on to play in the Super Cup bracket. In this three-way tie, the final standings were based on the “runs against” principle. The first three teams are Amager Vikings (DEN), Brasschaat (BEL), Zraloci Ledenice (CZE), respectively.

Quick Amersfoort (NED), Hoboken Pioniers (BEL), and Meteors (GBR) will face the other ESF-bracket teams.

Today, the double-elimination round begins, the final games will be held on Saturday.

All games from field A ale live-streamed at

-Helena Novotna-
/photo by Jan Benes/