WBSC seminar August 18-21, 2018 Forli, ITA

In August, a WBSC seminar was held before and during the WEPC in Forli, Italy.

For this seminar, twelve ESF umpires were selected. The seminar was conducted by Bob Stanton, WBSC Director of Umpires, assisted by Carolien Stadhouders, ESF Director of Umpires.

Each umpire is required to obtain at least a 90% in the seminar, which includes testing in leadership, case studies, mechanics, pitch calling, fitness, rules exam, and working assessment games in the 4m umpire system.

Nine ESF umpires earned their WBSC International Umpire Certification, which allows them to be assigned to any Fast Pitch World Championship, Fast Pitch Regional Qualifier Championship, Fast Pitch World Cup, Fast Pitch Regional and Continental Games held in the future.

Congratulations to the following ESF umpires who successfully passed the WBSC seminar:

BEL        Sara Dielen

CRO      Alen Magdalenic

DEN      Jonas Kristensen

FRA       Benjamin Milgrom

GER       Megan Hylton

HUN      Akos Farkas

NED      Arjan De Wever

NED      Patrick Reus

SWI       Michael Renggli

Carolien Stadhouders

ESF Director of Umpires

photo by Rein Merkx