The Czech Republic vs Russia

Russia was eager to get the first win in the tournament after yesterday’s tough loss. The Czechs were calm and ready to get their second win, leaving their top players on the bench for this one.

Russia had a great first inning and crossed the home plate three times taking an early lead 3-0. The Czech Republic tied the game in the bottom of the 4th when Lucie Halakucova hit a long flyball over the head of the right-fielder for a stand-up triple.

To get the desired win, both teams substituted their pitchers. Veronika Peckova entered the game for the Czech Republic and Vera Kukharenko for Russia.

In the 5th, the Czechs took the lead 4-3 after a sacrifice fly by Jana Furkova. Both teams scored one more run making the final score 5-4 for the Czech Republic.

Great Britain vs Italy 

Italy needed to forget about their first-day performance and to come back with their usual strength and precision. So they did. Illaria Cacciamani was one hit away from a no-hitter (the only GB hit by Sydney Brown), while her teammates recorded 13 hits; Amanda Fama 3 for 3, Laura Bassi 3 for 4.

Italy was just a stronger team overall in this game, they would stop pushing and scored at least a run in every other inning. Final score Great Britain 0, Italy 6.

The Czech Republic vs Greece

Three runs in the 1st, three runs in the 2nd. This is how the Czechs started their third game in the tournament. That was it for the Czechs, though. 

With a little help of the Czech defense (a total of four errors), Team Greece began to add runs, one by one, and then two more.

Three pitchers had to take part in the game to stop the Greek pressure, the final choice of the Czech staff was Veronika Peckova.

The teams’ records were tied when it comes to hits (9-9), the Greek offense made no errors, but in the end, the Czechs were the with another win in the Super 6. Final score Czech Republic 6, Greece 5.

Italy vs the Netherlands

Italy started off strong scoring twice in the 1st thanks to Marta Gasparotto’s triple. Italia lead took five innings, then the Oranjes woke up.

It was time for a pitching change in the 5th Illaria Cacciamani substituted Alice Nicolini. The Dutch, however, didn’t allow this change to interrupt their offense. They tied the game (2-2) on a passed ball and took the lead after a line-drive to the right field by Virginie Aneveld.

In the bottom of the 7th, Italy had a runner on the second with a one-run deficit. Giulia Longi was then hit by a pitch after a long at-bat, and Marta Gasparotto tied the game by hitting a single to the center field.

Softball fans then witnessed the first tie-breaker of the tournament.

The Dutch didn’t score at all. Alessandra Rotondo, however, became the hero of the day by hitting the final single, bringing Elisa Princic home.

Italy won 4:3, with this win their hopes for the final game stay alive.

-Helena Novotna-
/photo by Corrado Benedetti - OLDMANAGENCY/