Greece vs Russia

Both teams entered the game with no wins in their Super 6 records.

Russia scored in five out of seven innings, they hit a total of 17(!) hits and with only one error, they didn’t let the Greek team with too many scoring opportunities.

Efthimia Marinakis hit a double at the best possible moment, so her teammates on second and third could score. But except for this one moment in the 3rd innings, Team Greece didn’t score.

Russia earned their first win in the tournament 7:2.

Great Britain vs the Czech Republic

A scoreless game until the 6th. Veronika Peckova allowed three hits in the complete game. The Czechs hit seven times; four of those were hit in the 7thinning, however, those didn’t result in a single run. It was the 6th inning that decided this game. The Czech team put down a few bunts, and with bases loaded, Tereza Kubicova hit a sacrifice fly.

With this win, Team Czech Republic becomes the only undefeated team in the tournament. But the real challenge is still ahead of them - they need to win or keep the score really low against the Netherlands tomorrow to make it to the final.

Italy vs Russia

When you hit a two-run homerun in your first at-bat you’re going to have a good game; just like Erika Piancastelli (2 for 2, 4 RBIs). Italy maintained productive offense throughout the whole game and earned 8 runs.

 Batters from Russia were struggling with Greta Cecchetti’s pitches and hit only twice.

Team Italy recorded their third win in the tournament, and with one loss (from the Czech game) they have to wait till the very last round-robin game to see if a spot in the final will open up for them.

The Netherlands vs Great Britain

Both dugouts celebrated their first runs in the 3rd; Team GB hit three and scored one, Team Kingdom of the Netherlands hit two and scored one, as well.

In the bottom of the 4th, Virginie Anneveld hit an inside-the-park homerun when the British right-fielder couldn’t make a tough catch. An error followed making the score 3-1.

Great Britain came back in the 5th; two errors by the Dutch and a hit; game tied at 3-3.

The Dutch took the game in the bottom of the 5th and didn’t let go from that point on.

The final score was 8-3.

Not much has been decided in the softball tournament before the last day of the round-robin. Three teams have a shot on the final – the Czech Republic, Italy, and the Netherlands; if both Italy and the Netherlands beat Greece, only the last Friday’s game can resolve this puzzle.

Winner of the GB against Russia will take the remaining top four spot in the bronze-medal game. Unless the Greek team (with no wins so far) surprises with a win.

-Helena Novotna-
/photo by Rein Merkx/