The Netherlands vs Greece

Who would have thought that the score would be 4-0 for Greece in the top of the 1st! One of the most experienced players on the Dutch team Rebecca Soumeru was unable to stop the Greek offense; five hits appeared in her records. Marjolein Merkx came into the game for Soumeru and finished the game as the winning pitcher in the end.

The Dutch didn’t allow any more runs and started their hitting streak. Two runs in the first, seven in the second and five in the fourth ended the game prematurely; run-ahead-rule in effect; 14:4.

A good number of players had a perfect record of their hitting: Maria Zepeda (GRE), Wies Ligtvoet (NED), Laura Wissink (NED), Maxime van Dalen (NED), and Virginie Anneveld (NED).

Russia vs Great Britain

An 8-inning game that was tied on hits (9-9) decided about the one team that would make it to the bronze-medal game.

Team GB experienced that always-wanted moment when everything just comes together. Sacrifice bunt, and then hit by hit, the British took a 5-2 lead.  Russia added only one more in the bottom of the 8th and will play for the 5th spot in the tournament tomorrow.

Greece vs Italy

Amanda Fama started the game off with an inside-the-park-homerun; 1- for Italy. Azzurri went on with scoring in the 2nd and also in the 4th when Italian player Giulia Longi showcased an inside-the-park grand slam!

The game was over after five innings. After a great batting performance against the Dutch, Greece couldn’t really hit the ball and lost 0-8.

The last game of the day the Netherlands against the Czech Republic had to be rescheduled due to weather issues, therefore the two teams for the final game were still not determined.

Russia and Greece will play at some time around noon for the 5th place.

Great Britain is still waiting for its opponent for the bronze-medal game.

The final is scheduled for 18:00, but who will be the two teams to compete for gold? We’ll find out after tomorrow’s game at 10:30 (NED vs CZE).

-Helena Novotna-
/photo by Robert Bos/