6 nations, 10 teams, 5 tournaments and 61 games played, this is how this years Euroleague looked like.

This year's 5th Euroleague was one of the biggest one, we had newcomers from the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Serbia.

Through the year we could see a big improvement on every team, beautiful plays, and a few homeruns.

I think this is the moment where we see the hard work as organizers paying off, spreading the love of softball to young but also experienced teams.

For me as a player the biggest gift is to see teams support each other, cheering for each other and making new friends. At this year's final tournament the special thing was that we had a lot of players and parents sitting in the stands during every game, which made an incredible atmosphere during the games.

It´s nice to see new teams showing interest in Euroleague and taking part, more teams mean getting more experience for everyone. Thanks you everyone for making this year's Euroleague full of unforgettable memories.


1.    Trnava Panthers Softball (SVK)

2.    Snails Kunovice (CZE)

3.     Softball klub Princ (CRO)


5.    Angels (BLG)

6.    Alligators (SRB)

7.    Budapest Reds Baseball (HUN)

8.     Wildcats (SRB)

9.    Lady Pirates (CRO)

10. Astros Baseball és Softball Club (HUN)


Hana Rudohradska – Best Pitcher

Karolina Behulova – Best Hitter

Klaudia Mihalkova – MVP

If you are interested in joining us in 2019, please contact us! (Petra Cizmic Pokrajac at pcizmic@gmail.com)

-Liliana Kukučková-