Last weekend, we finished our softball season with the Ball game tournament that we organized for the 8th year in the row. This season was so fun and interesting, one of the best softball seasons ever!! 

As usual, we played Croatian championship, Croatian Cup and Zagreb championship. We won all the titles in Croatia and also we won all the games! Except that, we also participated at softball Euroleague. We had great time at all of those tournaments. In April, we played in Kunovice, in June, we organized a tournament in Zagreb, in September, we went to Bulgaria and finished our Euroleague journey in October in Trnava where we won the 3rd place out of 10 teams!

Definitely, the best part of this season was the European Cup in Italy! There, we played some amazing games. First 5 games we won, and it was so intense and interesting. Every game we were either losing in the 7th inning and won, or we played extra innings and made a victory! Despite the fact that we lost the two final games, and finished 4th in the European Cup, that tournament was so important to us. It made us stronger as a team, and made us believe that everything is possible! We made amazing comebacks, from losing 5 - 6 or 7 difference, with two outs and then we finished with a win, it felt just amazing! It built us so much inside that now we know - you should never give up!

In that spirit, we also won our final games in Bulgaria and Slovakia.

Oh, and we also won the Ball game tournament where we played finals against Stars Ronchi (Italy) and again were loosing in the 6th inning and won in the 7th.

We didn't have our strongest team playing and had to use some younger players or some players that didn't play for years, but all of that turned out so great, and we had an amazing time on and off the field! We just enjoyed the game and enjoyed the field and had fun while we played the game that we love sooo much!

We have some short winter break and then we start everything all over again!

Can't wait for the next softball season!