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Atlético de San Sebastián won the Softball División de Honor in an exciting playoff against CBS Rivas of Madrid, in which three of the four games played were decided by a single run difference.

The Madrid team has been the revelation this season while Atlético de San Sebastián sought to recover the crown that it has already won in 2015 and 2016.

The first two games were played in Madrid, being very even matches where we enjoyed a great pitchers duel, with the second match ending in extra-innings.

The playoffs traveled to San Sebastian with the advantage of two games for the Blues but CBS Rivas managed to stay alive by winning the first match 2-0 fueled by pitcher Anyibell Ramírez outing, allowing a single hit and eliminating twelve players, but Atlético won the fourth and final match with a Pfefferkorn walk-off hit that gave the Liga to the Basque team.

Both teams met again in the Spanish Cup, where Atlético de San Sebastián won the doublet by beating CBS Rivas 3-14 in the final.

-Hector Prat-
/photo by José Juan Gurrutxaga/