Hoboken Pioneers are National Champions Softball Women 2018

In the Belgian Series Softball Women, the women of Hoboken Pioneers were crowned Champion for the second year in a row. After the big spectacle in the Belgian Series Baseball last week - where the Deurne Spartans won the championship on Saturday - it is now time to put the Ladies the limelight.

Softball in Belgium is on the rise after being underexposed for a long time. Women's Fastpitch Softball is back again an Olympic sport and is in the international spotlight. "We prefer the name Fastpitch; the term soft is somewhat misleading because there is nothing soft about this intensive field sport. It is a fast-paced team sport par excellence for modern girls!” And that was to be seen on the softball fields this season.

The Pioneers were the best in the regular Softball Women Gold Competition and started the Series in Hoboken-Antwerp against the second-placed Royal Grays from Merksem-Antwerp. The best-of-5 playoffs of the Belgian Series Softball Women were a short one, the Pioneers won 3 games in a row and are entitled to call themselves 2018 Champion.