The Danish Softball Federation organised a slowpitch clinic last November.

Tina Jensen from the Danish Softball Federation said the following: ''It was a great clinic and have really sparked inspiration to our clubs! Sara and Liz did an amazing job. They really caught the participants levels and their expertise on the rules/strikes zone etc. was important discussion moving forward with Slowpitch in Denmark. Several of the participants were already interested in looking into forming a team and join a tournament in the UK. Liz and Sara will let us know which ones could be good for your clubs/teams.   We had 25 players from 7 different club, which is great because they can bring what they experienced on the clinic back to their clubs.   

Everybody loved indoor softball, and it was so great we could include that in the clinic. The clubs are already planning meetings with indoor softball these winter months. And there will be an indoor tournament at the federation in January and March.''

- Romy Marinus -