The 14th annual Ayelet Games were held in Israel, March 6-9.

The Ayelet Games is a multi-sport event in Eilat, Israel where around 1300 athletes, coaches, and officials came to the city to experience a weekend full of sports. 

Amongst those 1300 people, there were about 400 male and female softball players, which made it the biggest sport of the event. 26 teams divided into three divisions competed for gold medals. There were teams from Hungary, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Croatia, and Great Britain, but the organizers are not done yet, they're trying to get even more international teams to participate next year. ''All the ones that were there this year, they are going to come back next year. They already signed up and we’re hoping to get more,'' said Goose Gillet, president of the Israeli Softball Federation. 

Baseball 5 made its Ayelet debut, playing two meters from the shores of the Red Sea. Beachgoers and curious fans stopped by to watch. Twelve teams played a series of round robins Thursday & Friday. 

The fast-paced games. The men & women athletes. The DJ, the music, the fans! There was a great vibe at the BB5 court.

These are the final standings of the tournament:


2. Locos
3. Joudrs
4. Prague Utd
5. Phoenix
6. Gezer
7. Denmark
8. DVH
9. Great Britain U19
10. Israel U18
11. Joudrs U18
12. Misgav
13. Stags

2. Mix
3. Tigers
4. Angels
5. Cechie
6. Misgav
7. Fireballs
8. Reds

2. Warriors
3. Misgav 3
4. Misgav 1
5. Misgav 2

- Romy Marinus -