March 15 – 17 was dedicated to the ESF technical forces – Technical Commisioners and Umpires in Chief. The convention was held in Prague, Czech Republic.

This type of a meeting is organized once in two years and the aim is to unify the work of TCs and UiCs at ESF tournaments.

There were 23 TC and UiC members at the convention, including new additions – Zsuzsa Balog (TC) and Christopher Moon (UiC).

Just last year’s Blue Convention had its major topic - „game management“. TCs and UiCs focused mostly on one topic „role and directions“. The goal was to unify and set approach to four basic aspects that were discussed in smaller groups; Communication, Cooperation, Representation, and Evaluation.

Technical Director Mike Jennings and Director of Umpires Carolien Stadhouders prepared the whole program perfectly and made the whole event a success. There were also additional voices to be heard. Vojtech Albrecht, the head coach of Czech Women’s National team shared his point of view when it comes to TCs role. Juergen Elshishans also took part in the event as a baseball guest, who shared some of his ideas and also took home some of the new ideas he’s learnt.