Czech Republic vs Venezuela 0:7 (0:0, 0:3, 0:4, 0:0, 0:X)
Luis Columbo went the distance for the South Americans in the ring. 

The Venezuelans started hitting for distance in the 2nd. Erick Urbaneja singled then Engelbert Herrera hit one out of the park to get two on the board in short order. Another run scored with three singles to bring the lead man around. 

Rafael Flores started things off in the 3rd with a solo jog around. Jorge Lima doubled to right and Erick Urbaneja walked. That put two on for Herrera’s second dinger, in as many at bats, driving in three. 

Six of Venezuela’s seven runs came off those three homeruns. The impact of those hits however would not have been as strong without the batters around them finding their way to base.

/Picture by: WBSC/