Day two is over and it consisted of every circumstance you can imagine. Not only were there very tight (and less tight) games, we have also seen the first tie breaker of this tournament between France and Slovakia, where France took the win in the eighth inning with 11-9. 

Two other very tight games of today were the ones between Greece vs Germany and Spain vs Israel. Both games ended with a walkoff in the seventh inning, where Greece walked off with a homerun and Raquel Moncho hit an RBI double to let Maria Caicoya walk it off for Spain. 

Unfortunately, today's weather was not in our favor. Even though the morning started sunny and warm, both the Czech Republic and Poland had to cope with thunder and rain which caused some delays and in the evening several games had to be cancelled. All cancelled games will be played tomorrow, after which we will see who continues to the top eight. 

You can find the updated schedule here.