Day three of the tournament is over and the top eight is officially known! The Czech Republic, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Ireland, Great Britain and Greece advance to the winners group to compete for the title of European Champion 2019. The eight teams will be divided into two groups (group E and F).

While this is Ireland's very first time in the top eight, we may welcome back France in the winners poule since their last appearance in 2011. 

In the last two games of the day, all-time rivals Italy and the Netherlands played, while the Czechs were taking on Spain. The very first pitch of the game was enough to get the Netherlands to lead as Britt Vonk hit it over the fence. Even though the Italians managed to get two runs in, it wasn't enough. The Netherlands kept on going and won with 2-6. 

In the first two innings between the Czechs and the Spanish, no runs were scored. In the third inning, due to base on balls and a wild pitch, the Spanish were able to get to a 3-0 lead. However, the Czechs did what they had to do and they came back and took home the win with 10-3. 

Tomorrow the last games in group E and F will be played, after which two teams (one in each group) will be eliminated and so six teams will advance to the play-offs.

Find the schedule for tomorrow here.