Day 4 of the tournament is over which means that two teams got eliminated in the race for the title of European Champion 2019. 

After Italy's convincing win over Greece (11-0), Greece was the first team who did not make it to the top six. The game between the Czech Republic and Ireland, however, was very tense. Tereza Jakesová's homerun in the first inning, was the only run scored in the game, until the fifth inning. The Czechs changed pitchers and the Irish bats started to fire up. After several good hits, and some errors on the Czech side, the Irish got back to a 1-2 lead. However, the Czechs did not accept this and in they fought back to a 4-3 lead in the sixth inning. This means that also Ireland did not make it to the top six. Not only does this mean that those two teams will not advance in the race for the gold medal, this also means that they lost their spot to the Europe/Africa Olympic Qualifier that's being held coming July in Utrecht (NED).

Besides those two games, so far the Dutch are confirming their role as current European Champion, as they remain undefeated in this tournament as well as with Great Britain. Together with the Czech Republic, Italy, France and Spain they form the top six of this tournament. 

Tomorrow the battle will go on. Starting with Israel vs Belgium, the first pitch will be thrown at 9:00. 

Find tomorrow's schedule here.

/Picture by Beny Photo/