We're coming close to an end as day five of the 2019 Women's European Championship is now over.

Israel, Croatia, Ukraine and Lithuania started the day with convincing wins against respectively Belgium, Hungary, Denmark and Turkey. Later that day, Germany played Austria in a very tight game. Due to a fielding error, the Germans were able to take an early 1-0 lead in the first inning. But then in the third inning, Caroline Meriaux hit it over the fence, good for a 2RBI homerun. However, the Germans were able to score two more runs and so won the game by 3-2. 

The first games in group X were not as tight as expected to be. The Netherlands took an easy 10-0 win over Spain, Great Britain won with 10-3 over France and the Italians beat the Czech Republic by 0-10. 

However, the evening was when the real fun started. In the first two innings of the Czech Republic vs France, the Czechs were able to get in five runs, while the French bats stayed quiet. However, the French decided to fight back and make it up, to be tied 6-6 in the seventh inning. In the bottom seventh inning, it was Lida Kucerková who did it for the Czechs and hit a walk off single on which Eva Rendlová was able to score.

The last game of today was played between the Netherlands and Great Britain, the only two undefeated teams so far. It was expected to be a tight game and it was but only until the second inning. With Dinet Oosting her RBI single, the Dutch took a quick 0-1 lead in the first inning. However, the rest of the inning as well as the second inning stayed quiet on both sides. The third inning was when the Dutch bats started to fire up. With four runs in the third inning, the Dutch expanded to a 0-5 lead and were able to keep it that way the rest of the game to eventually win the game with 1-8. 

Tomorrow several placement games will be played, and we will also find out who's gonna play this year's final.

Find tomorrow's schedule here.