From July 16 - 20, the 12th Coed Slowpitch European Championship will be held in Budapest, Hungary.

This year's edition is a special one, as there is a record amount of teams participating. Never in history of this tournament, we had more than eight teams participating, but this year we will have 11 Nations fighting for the title!

With that being said, we will also have three total new comers; host-country Hungary, the Netherlands and Italy. Of course this is a great accomplishment since this means that Slowpitch is evolving in more and more countries in Europe.

Of all past 11 editions, Great Britain managed to win 10 of them. Only the last edition, in 2017, they had to go home with the silver medal while Germany went home with gold. Will there be a new unexpected champion? Or is team Great Britain going to seize the title again?

Also, the Championship should be a qualifier to the Slowpitch World Cup in 2020, however, the number of spots that advance to the WBSC tournament has not been announced yet.

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/Picture by Matej Mrevlje/