The first day in Utrecht hasn't brought any surprises. Higher-ranked teams recorded their first win on the way to the one and only ticket to the Olympic Games.

Spain 2 - Great Britain 9

Game highlights: Nerrisa Myers (GBR) hit two homeruns. A two-run homerun to get her team into lead 2:1, and a solo homerun in the 6th.

Botswana 0 - Italy 7
Game highlights: Ilaria Cacciamani (ITA) pitched a no-hitter. Laura Vigna hit an inside-the-park homerun.

France 2 - Czech Republic 6
Game highlights: The Czechs scored 5 runs in the 4th which decided the game. Klimpova (CZE) was 3 for 4.

South Africa 1 - Netherlands 11

Game highlights: Ilona Andringa (NED) pitched a no-hitter, Britt Vonk (NED) was 3 for 3. The Dutch hit 12 hits and scored 11 runs with no errors on the RSA side. Great offensive effectivity.
South Africa scored one run after an overthrow of the first base.

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Photos by Sascha Schneider on our Facebook page.