High expectations towards the fourth day in Utrecht weren't fulfilled. Things didn't get complicated as proposed, and luckily, the one ticket to Tokyo won't be awarded by the run-against rule but by a win. Only one of the eights teams will remain undefeated after tomorrow and that team will represent Europe in the Olympic games next year.

Great Britain 4 - Czech Republic 2
The Czechs had a good game, many great contacts and hits, only one at-bat ended with a strikeout, however, they didn't manage to play with no errors. Great Britain pushed a bit harder towards the win and remains undefeated in the tournament.


Italy 7 - Netherlands 4

The Dutch started with an incredible offense in the first and scored 4 runs. Italy didn't wait long to fights back. They scored one in the first, and four more in the second - all scored thanks to two homeruns. Ilaria Cacciamani became the little-big pitcher when she stopped the Dutch offense and kept them off scoring.


The final battle between Great Britain and Italy will start on Saturday 27th at 15:00.

-photos by Sascha Schneider-