We're halfway through! The third game day out of six has ended.

Even though the Round Robin games are over (which means the expectation of more tight games), a remarkable 10 out of today's 11 games ended in five innings or less because of the big difference in runs.

With France and Croatia losing all of their three games in their group, they are now eliminated in the race for the gold medal. This means the top six is known with the Netherlands and Russia as its current leader.  In the coming three days of the tournament, Germany, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Russia, Italy and Ukraine will continue competing to seize the title of U-16 Women's European Champion 2019. 

In group G, Belgium is currently taking the lead. They won two out of two games. However, even though they have only played one game, the Hungarians are still undefeated as well. 

Tomorrow is an important day for a lot of teams. Will the current leaders be able to maintain their spot in the ranking? 

Find all of today's results and tomorrow's schedule here

- Romy Marinus -