Day five is over, no team remains undefeated and we also know who will play the final of this year's U-16 Women's European Championship.

After Italy's easy win (0-12) over the Czech Republic, they made sure of their spot in the final against the Netherlands. Until yesterday, the Netherlands was undefeated, but Ukraine decided to change that and so the Dutch lost by 6-7. With their win, Ukraine ended up 5th at this tournament. Germany's fatal loss against the Italians gave them the the 6th place in the ranking. 

The bronze medal game will be played between the Czech Republic and Russia. 

The game for the 7th place was played between France and Croatia. The Croatians were having a hard time with the French and so they lost by 1-9 which means the French ended up 7th and the Croatians ended up 8th at this year's edition. 

The last games of the tournament will be played tomorrow, when we will find out who will go home with the title of European Champion 2019.

Find today's results and tomorrow's schedule here

- Romy Marinus -