From the July 29th until August 3rd, 13 European teams competed to earn the title of U-16 Women’s European Champion of 2019. The total of 49 games of this tournament were played on the fields of Princ Zagreb in Croatia. 

The Netherlands has won the U-16 Women’s European Championship 2019. After taking home the title in 2017, they proved to be the strongest once again.

Final game
The first two innings of the game were pretty quiet. Even though there were some hits and nice plays, no team succeeded in getting some runs in. However, in the bottom third inning it was the Netherlands that decided to make some difference. With second and third base loaded, it was Julia Kwakernaak's triple that gave the Dutchies a 2-0 lead. In the end it seemed to be enough. The Italians weren't able to score any runs which meant that the Netherlands seized the title with a 2-0 win. 

Bronze medal game
The bronze medal game was played between the Czech Republic and Russia. This game was not exactly what you would expect from a bronze medal game, as the Czechs took the bronze medal with an 1-11 win in four innings. The Czechs started off good in the top first inning. With some hits, stolen bases and a triple by Roza Blazkova, they took an early 0-3 lead. In the second inning they even expanded it to a 0-8 lead. The fourth inning was the only inning that the Czech bats stayed quiet and the Russians were able to score a run. However, that run was not enough for them to stay in the game and so had the game an early ending because of the difference in runs. 

Final standings:
1. The Netherlands
2. Italy
3. The Czech Republic
4. Russia
5. Ukraine
6. Germany
7. France
8. Croatia
9. Belgium
10. Poland
11. Slovakia
12. Hungary
13. Turkey

- Romy Marinus -