Men’s Super Cup has moved to its second phase. The top three teams from each pool now play in the Super Cup bracket and compete for the title of the Club European Champion of 2019.

The Super Cup team are: Quick Amersfoort, Oslo Aligators, Academy of Nettuno, Zraloci Ledenice, CZE U23, Hoboken Pioneers, Tempo Praha, Barracudas, Stenlose Bulls, SC Span, Hurricanes, Islanders Catania

The remaining teams form another „tournament“ and play for the ESF Cup now: Rehovot Warriors, Germany, Spectrum Praha, Nieuwegen Diamonds, Meteors, Text Town Tigers, BC Contois, Zuidvogels, MRKI Medvedi

Super Cup

Four team entered the Super Cup bracket undefeated; Quick Amersfoort - that has finally made it to the Super Cup (they won the ESF Cup twice), Olso Aligators – the first-ever team to represent Norway, though just the manager of the team really is Norwegen. Accademy of Nettuno – the hosting team, and Zraloci Ledenice – a team with the strongest offence in the Czech Extraleague.

There are two more days of play ahead of us and three of the four above-mentioned teams are still on the undefeated path toward the semifinals. Zraloci Ledenice though have lost to their Czech rival – Tempo Praha (the latest Czech champion).


One of the finalists of the ESF Cup will be determined today – the winner of the Rehovot Warriors vs Zuidvigels will take the spot. Many other teams can still make their way to the second final-game spot, it will get interesting!

Follow the play-by-play, stats, and results here