European softball rankings for three categories: women's fastpitch, men's fastpitch, and slowpitch were released.

The ranking is based on final standings of European Championships including the youth categories from the last two editions of each competition. Therefore, the ranking reflects the performance of the top teams in each country as well as the development point of view. 


The TOP 5 has not changed. Italy maintains its first position thans to winning the Women's European Championship, attending the U16 Championship, they also get their credit from their super-successful 2018 season. Israel recorded the biggest improvement - from the 20th position to 15th. Ireland moved from the 12th to 9th. Lithuania went from 24th to 21st. On the other hand, Austria dropped from 10th to 14th, and Slovakia form 16th to 19th. The total number of countries with a position in the rankings remain the same - 25.


Great things happened this year in Slowpitch. There were new additions to the rankings after last year's first Men's Slowpitch Europeans, and there are even more additions after this year's Coed Europeans. Austria, Serbia, and Hungary are now also on the board!
Great Britain regained the title after a one-edition break and maintains the leading position. Germany and the Czech Republic follow. Slovenia slowly drops out (from 6th position to 10th) and we're hoping that Slovenian slowpitch known for their strong team spirit will be back again. 
The total number of teams on the board increased from 10 to 12 (Lithuania dropped out).


As there was no men's fastpitch European Championship event this season, Men's Rankings' positions remain the same with the Czech Republic in the lead.

How the ESF ranking system works:
There are three rankings: for women’s fastpitch, men’s fastpitch and slowpitch.  
Rankings are based on points (multiplied by 100) given according to final standings at European Championships in all categories, with the following weighting: 
·       Senior European Championship – 100%  
·       Junior European Championship – 50%  
·       All others (U22 and U16) – 25%    

The ranking system only takes into account the two most recent championships in each category, with the following weighting:  
·       Most recent ECh – 100%  
·       Previous ECh – 50%  

A total of all the points awarded determines the placement of each country in each ranking.