The European Calendar of 2020 is approved. European Championships and Cups have their organizers, or candidates.

Now it's time to fill those tournaments in with teams. The registration process is now open and the deadline for entries is December 31st. 

NOTE: There is a new email address for the entry form submissions:,

European Championships 2020 - entry form HERE

Women's Championship - June 7- 13, Friuli (ITA)

Men's Championship - June 22 - 27, Ledenice (CZE)

U-18 and U-16 Men's Championship - July 6 - 11, Sezimovo Usti (CZE)

U-15 Women's Championship - July 13 - 18, Enschede (NED)

Men's Slowpitch Championship - no organizer yet

European Cups 2020 - entry form HERE

EMRYT - August 12 - 15, Collecchio (ITA)

Women's Premiere Cup - August 17 - 22, Friuli - Buttrio (ITA)

Women's Cup - August 17 - 22, TBD: La Loggia/Dupnitsa/Moscow

Women's Cup Winners Cup - August 17 - 22, TBD: Saronno/Moscow

Men's Super Cup - August 24 - 29, Prague (CZE)

Coed Slowpitch Super Cup - no organizer yet

Masters Cup - October 28 - 31, Saint Boi (ESP)

Those events with more organizers will be voted on February 7th at the TC Commission meeting at the Congress. Countries representatives whose teams will have entered the tournament will have the right to vote.

Special forms for Masters and EMRYT will be published later. Deadline for entries to EMRYT is April 15th, Masters' deadline will be announced later.

See the complete calendar here.